The story of Farma Group

Farma was established in 1975 as a producer of caps for fuel tanks

1987 , Farma took over main competitor, Faab co, which became part of the group and was re-named Nuova Faab though keeping original trademark.

1992, Farma took over another company Zamasystem foundry, specialized in die cast zamak pieces .

1998 Creation of a brand new tooling department as an additional service offered to all of foundry customers and also automotive ones.

2009 , Farma merged with Zamasystem and later with Nuova Faab

2014 , Farma created a plastic injection division , mainly for its products but also for foundry and automotive customers

Today, Farma is a company specialized in the design and production of caps and filler necks for fuel and urea tanks , see Automotive division , zamak castings see Foundry division , and plastic components for inhouse requirements and outside customers

Main OE automotive customers , worldwide , come from construction machinery, tractors, trucks . A complete range of fuel and urea caps is also offered for the aftermarket cars and trucks. Main zamak foundry customers , European , come from all sectors.

Farma is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company, on its way to ISO TS .